Officer Injured by Explosive Package Delivered To His Home

Attacks on the nation’s law enforcement are escalating to serious levels.

Sunday morning, neighbors in upstate New York heard a loud BOOM, “like two cars hitting head-on.”   The explosion brought an abundance of law enforcement from the police force and the sheriff’s department, who closed down Old Floyd Road for several hours Sunday, while they investigated the scene.

A yet unidentified 52-year-old New York corrections officer went outside his home around 8:00 Sunday morning and picked up a package than had been left near his mailbox.   The package exploded in his hands, and his upper body was severely burned.

He was originally taken to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica, then later transported to SUNY Upstate Medical University Hospital in Syracuse, New York.

Officer Attack Bomb4

Officials were unsure yet if the incident was connected to his employment.   There are three medium-security NY State prisons in Oneida County, but officials are not yet releasing the officer’s name nor which prison he worked in.

Governor Andrew Cuomo visited the officer in the hospital Monday.  “He’s in critical condition, but we keep fingers crossed and you pray for the best,” Cuomo said after visiting the officer. “He’s getting the best care that he can get.”

Cuomo said the Oneida County Sheriff’s Office was leading the investigation, joined by the New York State Police, FBI and other agencies.  He said authorities were still working to determine what kind of bomb was in the package.


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