Contrary to earlier reports that two of the eight people killed in Ohio were babies, the Associated Press is now reporting updated information provided by local authorities who held a press conference at 4:30pm Eastern Standard Time.  The following tweets were posted at 4:40pm ET from The Associated Press:

THE FIRST READS:  Sheriff says 3 kids, including days-old baby, survived shootings that killed 8 people in Ohio. 

THE SECOND READS:  Killer of 8 in Ohio believed to be at large, should be considered armed, dangerous.

Originally, it was reported that the days-old baby was killed, along with a 6-month-old baby.  Those reports have been found to be false.

The victims were found in three different homes on the same street.  The town where the murders took place is called, Piketon.  It is in the Appalachian region of Ohio, roughly 75 miles east of Cincinnati and 70 miles south of Columbus.
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