Oliver Stone: Russia investigation has ‘boxed in’ Trump’s agenda (video)

According to movie director Oliver Stone, the investigation into Russia’s involvement during the 2016 presidential election has created a complication for diplomatic relations between Russia and the U.S.

On Sunday, Stone appeared on Reliable Sources, telling CNN’s Brian Stelter, “We’ve demonized Russia to a place where it’s almost impossible to talk. Trump has been boxed in by this investigation. It’s a shame because we need to talk.”

Stone interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin for a four-part Showtime series called “The Putin Interviews.”

Speaking of the relationship between the U.S. and Russia, Stone said he is hoping to see the two nations exist in harmony. “I would like to see detente of some kind or understanding,” he said.

Stone says during his interviews with Putin, who doesn’t typically grant interviews to western media, he wasn’t trying to change Putin’s viewpoint. Instead, his goal was to allow the Russian president to speak for himself.

“I can’t change his mind. I can show his mind,” Stone said. “I can show the American people, allow them to hear it. Even if it’s a denial and they don’t want to hear that, they should because he speaks in a certain way.”

Stone also encouraged viewers to pay attention to Putin’s body language during the interviews to decide if they feel he’s being deceptive.

You can see the interview between Stelter and Stone here, at about the 34:25 mark.


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