An Olympic ice-skater kept her cool Sunday, when her outfit stopped performing as planned.

Yura Min had just begun her Olympic debut in the figure-skating team event when she suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

The New York Daily Post reports: The South Korean star’s skimpy red dress slipped just seconds into her short dance routine, threatening to reveal just a little too much to the millions watching around the world.

As she was spun around by partner Alexander Gamelin, she had to keep adjusting her red top to prevent showing off more than her medal ambitions.

At one point the top slipped just a little too far, but instead of panicking, Yura just carried on with her well-rehearsed routine.

Yura, a dual citizen of South Korea and the United States, told the Detroit Free Press that the hook on her top came undone. She was able to finish the routine with her outfit, and modesty, in place, wearing a smile.

The Post notes she was “praised by commentators for recovering from the sartorial setback with so much style.”


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