What One Protester is Doing to Cops in Charlotte May Shock You


A particular Charlotte protester is getting a lot of social media attention for what he has been doing to cops the last few nights of the protests. He’s been hugging them.

The Free Hugs Project has posted a video of a protester who has been going around giving hugs to cops because he “sees them as human beings and wants peace.” The protester, who is black and named Ken Nwadike, has been hugging both black and white cops in riot gear, and they have been hugging back. “All right, brother,” says a white police officer in riot gear, hugging Nwadike in the video.

Some of his constituents have disagreed with his method, and have been ridiculing him for not partaking in the destructive violence being unleashed on the city. The protests so far into the third night have resulted in at least 20 injuries to police officers and the death of protester Justin Carr.

Yet Nwadike stands by his method. His organization’s Facebook page reads the following the about its mission statement: “The Free Hugs Project is an initiative that spreads love, inspires change and raises awareness of social issues through motivational videos.”

When confronted by protesters who don’t believe in his message, Nwadike says: “It’s not even like that. It’s not even like that. It’s about staying neutral. That’s what’s important. That’s what’s important.”

“Did he kill somebody?” he asks, pointing at one cop. Then he moves on to the next abiding cop, and points him out. “Did he kill somebody? No. None of these people here shot anybody. I can’t even reason with you because you’re not even making sense to me.”

Watch Dennis Michael Lynch explain how President Obama is to blame for the riots:


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