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On Friday, the Trump administration is filing a request to block abortion-providing facilities (or facilities that share space with an abortionist) from receiving federal family planning funding through the federal grant program.

Here’s what people are missing from the Trump administration’s move.

1. This is a valid interpretation of the law.

In the 1980s, Title X mandated physical and financial segregation of Title X funds “from the performance of, counseling about and referral for abortion.” It’s essentially a rule that restricts abortion providers from receiving Title X funds. It was never implemented before it was rolled back by President Bill Clinton, and it hasn’t been revisited until now.

2. Women still have access to healthcare (and abortions).

Planned Parenthood can still perform all healthcare-related services, and it can also do abortions, it just won’t receive as much of the $286 million in federal funding.

3. Planned Parenthood has plenty of revenue and more than enough wealthy donors to make up for the loss.

Between the national office and its affiliates, Planned Parenthood spends over $85 million on fundraising, which in turn nets them $532 million in private contributions and bequests.

4. Planned Parenthood finally has their boogeyman in Trump.

Trump ran as a pro-life candidate and is governing as a pro-life president. This has probably been a boon for the organization’s fundraising.

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