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On Twitter on Friday, Princeton professor Robert P. George, one of the few conservatives to flourish in Ivy League venues today, thanked President Trump of all people for inadvertently helping so many Democrats convert to the GOP’s side.

Because of Trump, as George put it, “many of our progressive friends have come to believe in 1) truth, not my truth and your truth, but absolute objective truth; 2) federalism; and 3) constitutional limits on executive power. Who knows what’s next?”

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Who knows, indeed? Trump has been laying waste to Reaganism as it was known and loved by many in the Republican Party, but he has encouraged its spread among Democrats who never thought much of Ronald Reagan when he was alive.

Liberals, who for a great many years despised the cold warriors and touted the concept of moral equivalence, now are the ones who want to be tough (or at least talk tough) on the Russians, fiercely defending democracy and its practitioners against the autocrats whom Trump seems to like far too much.

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