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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following information published by Toronto Sun:

The Prime Minister finally found time after his vacation to visit Toronto on the Danforth and place a bouquet of flowers at the makeshift memorial for 18-year-old Reese Fallon and 10-year-old Julianna Kozis, who died in the mass shooting July 22 by Faisal Hussain. For some reason Justin Trudeau could not condemn the actions of the Pakistani-Canadian who spread terror in our city. Instead the P.M. called for “a time of compassion” among all of us.

The article goes on to state the following:

So was Trudeau calling for “compassion” towards mass murderer Faisal Hussain? Is it possible he was influenced by the spin doctoring of those promoting the theory the killer’s actions were exclusively the result of mental illness?

If so, he is not alone. Days after the shooting, I took a long stroll down the Danforth to get a feel for the tragedy that unfolded so close to home. What shocked me was the absence of any large portraits of Reese and Julianna killed by Hussain. What outraged me more was the obvious empathy for the killer as a ‘victim’ of neglect by the ‘system’.

The OpEd then directs the reader’s attention to “extracts of this sermon at the mosque on Thorncliffe Park that catered to the Muslim youth where Faisal Hussain lived.”

O Allah! Count their number, slay them [non Muslims] one by one and make them a lesson to their likenesses

Oh Allah, Defeat them and make the ground shake beneath their feet, and show us in them the wonders of Your Might, for they are weak before You, O Mighty, O Powerful.

O Allah! Raise the standing of Islam and the Muslims.

The OpEd continues:

For their part, the board of directors of the Islamic Society of Toronto on behalf of the mosque said the supplication by an external speaker was “a rendition of a historical text.”

“The text, when understood in the right context and mainstream interpretation, clearly addresses tyrants and oppressors in general. Any suggestion that the language refers to non-Muslims or that the statement encourages Muslims towards violence are categorically false and inaccurate,” the board said.

“However, we recognize that some could, intentionally or unintentionally, misinterpret the text. We distance ourselves from such misinterpretations of the text which fuel the fire of hatred.”
Which is exactly the point.

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  1. No problem. Muslims are a misunderstood and oppressed minority. They can do that. Besides, Allah told them they could. And if you say otherwise, you are a racist and will be severely chastised by liberals.

  2. Both the Mosque in Thorncliffe Park and the basement in whatever hovel that the Islamic Society of Toronto meets need to be bulldozed to the ground, preferably with the imam and all members inside. Survivors are to be deported immediately. Meanwhile, allow the boy Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, to continue with his Barry Soetoro-sanctioned costume play, dressing up as a pious muslim, in his pretend, make believe world…

  3. Hopefully the Boy Wonder hasn’t come for the last of your guns yet. Good chance you may need them before too long. Keep in mind, Bad Decisions usually result in Bad Outcomes. Consider if it is a Bad Decision to not meet this budding threat head on and with optimum effort before it matures into a truly Bad Outcome you may look back and see an opportunity lost? I mean you Canadians already made a Bad Decision when you elected the boy wonder and the result cannot possibly other than a Bad Outcome. How bad depends on you. Take a look around the Provinces and see if you don’t have a real man lurking in the business world somewhere.

  4. 2 precious young girls murdered in cold blood on a public street and the Prime Minister is vacating and then calls for a time for ‘Compassion” for the killer? Canadians, are you so naive as to reality that you swallow this far left liberal hogwash?
    The only compassion that should be shown is an old fashioned hanging in a public square, not life in prison at the expense of the Canadian taxpayers.

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