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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following opinion editorial written by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and published by FOXNEWS.COM:

Over the last few weeks, the stature gap between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., has grown dramatically.

While the president became the first foreign leader to meet with the new emperor of Japan, Pelosi announced she would like to see Trump in prison.

The article goes on to state the following:

The president then had a widely watched dinner with Queen Elizabeth at Buckingham Palace.

The president seemed entirely at home as a world leader dining with the royals. The following day, the president had an interview with Piers Morgan, which was the most controlled and nuanced interview I have seen him give. He was truly presidential.

The meetings with Prime Minister Theresa May and other British government leaders also went well.

The anti-Trump crowds in London were tiny compared to the massive crowds that used to oppose President Ronald Reagan (of course Russian President Vladimir Putin is not spending the kind of money the Soviet Union used to spend on the so-called peace movement).

The president’s recitation at Portsmouth of President Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s prayer on D-Day was stunning and widely replayed in the news.

Then the president went to Normandy and gave one of the most powerful and moving speeches of his career. When even liberals and anti-Trumpers were comparing his speech to President Reagan’s historic 1984 oration, you know President Trump had achieved an extraordinary impact.

Shortly after the speech, the president met with French President Emmanuel Macron, who told the news media he and Trump are good friends.

Gingrich goes on to describe President Trump’s emergence as a leader on the world stage, and said, “Pelosi’s shrinking stature is more than matched by the decay of the Democratic presidential field.”

He describes the Democratic candidates as weak and possibly fading in significance, and concludes with this:

As President Trump grows in stature as a genuine world leader and the Democrats continue to shrink, the election of 2020 may be vastly different than the so-called experts think.

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