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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News offers the following opinion editorial written by English journalist Piers Morgan and published by DailyMail:

Oh Taylor.

Why, why, WHY?

Just when I thought you were the only sane celebrity left in this increasingly mad world of frenzied partisan bullsh*t, you suddenly decide to go all ‘woke’ on me.

As you once sang: ‘Why would you wanna break a perfectly good heart?’

Of course, we all know the answer.

Taylor Swift, who is hugely popular in middle America, hasn’t chosen this moment to abandon her very sensible apolitical stance and come out as a Democrat because she genuinely thought: ‘Oh, I must alienate half my audience today.’

No, she’s done it because the howling Twitter mob hammered her into submission.

The opinion editorial goes on to state the following:

So now she’s got political, bowing to the pressure.

Her Instagram post last night attacking Republican senate candidate Marsha Blackburn read like a Democrat press release, and absolutely nothing like Taylor Swift’s own voice as anyone who studies her previous posts could confirm.

I groaned out loud when I read it.

There was something laudable and valiant about a major star declining to join the rush to join the self-styled ‘rage resistance’.

Now, she’s all in.

She even ‘liked’ a Tumblr meme of herself onstage, kickboxing a shadowy male figure with the word ‘REPUBLICANS’ written across his jacket.

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  1. Taylor i thought you to be a smart woman .. Guess i was WRONG ! In the end TRUMP will be the winner in the end .. You made a bad choice ,Dems are losers and hate filled .Just broke all Taylor Swift CD’s in half ..

  2. Voting for Marsha Blackburn here in good old Tennessee……GET RICH AND TURN CRAZY A$$ STUPID (Taylor Swift)

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