The Washington Times reports that the Oregon State Legislature took steps to make healthcare a right on Tuesday, an “unprecedented” move, which would  “[enshrine] the right to health care in the state Constitution.”

The Times reports: The House of Representatives’ 35-25 endorsement of the bill sends it to the state Senate, whose approval would put it on the ballot for Oregon voters in the November election. The move comes as the Trump administration has tried to dismantle former President Barack Obama’s health care law.

Those who spoke out in favor of the bill in a debate on the House floor said no Oregonian should lack access to medical care, but opponents said there is no plan to fund it and warned that it would make the state vulnerable to lawsuits.

The report continues: Rep. Mike McLane, the House Republican leader, tried to convince legislators to vote no by highlighting the uncertainties about how health care would be funded in Oregon.

“What’s been said today is there is no plan. We have no idea how much it will cost,” McLane said.

According to the Times, Oregon voters will be asked to approve or reject the constitutional amendment on the November ballot if the bill is also passed by the state Senate.