120 Languages Spoken In Public Schools of Just One City

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The United States accepts more than 1,000,000  legal immigrants per year.  The government states there are 12,000,000 illegal aliens in the U.S., but some research firms state the number is more like 30,000,000.  The numbers are out of control, and its all having a crippling impact on the public school systems across America.

For example, the Nashville Public School system has recently released data that shows about a third of the 85,000 students in the district do not speak English as a first language.

Out of these 25,300 foreign-speaking students, almost HALF require special services, especially in elementary schools.   This group jumped from 8,751 in the 2011-2012 school year, to 12,329 in the current school year.

The top three foreign groups are: Spanish-speaking students with 16,896 students, Arabic with 3,435 students and Kurdish with 1,181 students. 

EAGNews reported that Antioch High School has about 264 Arabic-speaking students enrolled – the highest of all the schools.   The school system has launched a new Arabic language program with two courses offered: “Beginning Arabic” and “Heritage Arabic”.

In a press release by the school, the program was touted as a way for students to “stay connected to their native culture.”  Unfortunately, it costs anywhere between 25% to 50% more to educate these children.


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