Pakistani Men Caught Crossing Mexican Border

According to Breibart Texas, three Pakastani men were caught crossing over the border of Mexico and into the United States near the Tucson sector.  This information has been confirmed by the Customs and Border Protection unit.

The apprehension occurred on November 11th.  According to sources, “One of them had a shit load of hits from a bunch of places he’s been. He had entered and exited numerous countries that were not in his route to the U.S. This raises red flags because people leaving a foreign country to come here usually take the quickest route, but one of them did not. One of the men had his hair died blonde to disguise his appearance and all of the men spoke perfect English.”

The standard procedure after an apprehension by U.S. border agents, is to process the person or persons in custody, checking their ID’s with numerous other law enforcement and national security databases. The records check of these individuals, according to the sources, found no derogatory information about them. They are currently being held in Federal custody while awaiting immigration case outcomes.


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