Parents Defending High School Teacher Who Screamed At Students

An emotional teacher was caught on video screaming at students after saying he felt “threatened” to work at the school.

After students followed the teacher down a hallway laughing at and taunting him he finally yelled “I have been threatened multiple times! I don’t come here to put my life in danger from other people’s nonsense!”

“I don’t go home, go to sleep, then come to work and expect to be threatened. I don’t deserve it!” added the teacher from George Wythe High School in Richmond, Virginia.

Many would think maybe this teacher was over exaggerating, or had no place yelling at students like this, but according to a Richmond school board member, gang activity is affecting the entire district.

“It’s just heart wrenching to see our employees have to endure the taunting,” Kim Gray told WTVR-TV.

“We’re seeing all of the gang activity within all of our comprehensive high schools,” she said. “It’s spilling into the middle schools and in some of the elementary schools as well.”

Gray told WTVR the violence “ranged from capital murder of an officer to rape and sodomy to armed robbery to drug activity. The same kinds of crimes that we’re seeing in our communities our students are committing.”



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