Parents fuming over Muslim prayer in school

Mayor Linda Jeffrey of Brampton, Ontario, has allowed the Peel District School Board to permit Muslim-based prayers within schools on Fridays, and parents’ objections have been labeled as “hate speech.”

This coming Saturday, parents of students in the school district are planning to protest Jeffrey’s decision, stating it is unfair that one religion is being promoted over another. But, Jeffrey is ignoring these pleas of criticism, claiming those opposing the decision are advocating “misinformation and hateful speech.”

The “Canada First” protest will be held at Celebration Square near Square One in Mississauga, located near Toronto. The goal of the protest is to eradicate the promotion of religion within schools, such as Jeffrey’s allowance of Arabic prayers and sermons to be permitted on Fridays for Muslim students.

In fact, no other religion is granted exclusive acknowledgment to students, exempting Islam. Parents are outraged by the factor of favoritism to one particular religion over all others. Canadian Hindu Advocacy chairman, Ron Banerjee pointed out that allowance of Muslim prayers “may violate Canadian values.”

However, a new piece of legislation introduced by the liberal member of Parliament, Iqra Khalid, may constitute the protest and opposition as Islamophobic hate speech.

School board chairwoman Janet McDougald also ignored the opinions of parents opposing the decision. At last week’s board meeting, McDougald sarcastically told one concerned parent: “When you vote to allow Islamic Prayer in public schools, will you record all sermons that are offered in Arabic so we can analyze them later to ensure there is no hate speech being offered?”

She then labeled the parent as racist and threatened to stop taking questions at the meeting.

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