Paris airport evacuated after attempted Islamic terror attack

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A man known to police as a “radicalized Muslim” was shot dead at the Paris Orly airport in France Saturday after he snatched a weapon from a soldier during a routine police check.

The man was reportedly already on a security watch list, but has not been identified by name.   He targeted a group of three soldiers who were members of the army’s “Sentinette” operation which patrols airports and other key sites to provide extra security.

The suspect reported grabbed the gun and hid in a shop, where the soldiers found him.

Witnesses say the soldiers quickly took aim at the man, who pointed the seized gun at them. He shot and wounded one of the soldiers, and in turn, he was shot and killed.

He was not wearing any explosive devices, but the airport was evacuated and security officials are sweeping the airport.   No one else was injured.  Reuters reported that about 3,000 passengers were evacuated from the airport.

Incoming passengers on newly arrived flights were being held on their planes, and some flights were diverted to Charles de Gaulle airport.

The Washington Post further reported that the same man had “lightly wounded a police officer at a traffic stop in a northeastern Paris suburb earlier in the day.”

He then hijacked a car at gunpoint in another area, before continuing on to Orly airport, where he snatched the assault rifle from the soldier on duty.









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