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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by WASHINGTONEXAMINER.COM:

Parler CEO John Matze has been forced into hiding with his family after receiving death threats.

“Matze himself, as the CEO of the company Amazon Web Services (AWS) continues to vilify, has had to leave his home and go into hiding with his family after receiving death threats and invasive personal security breaches,” a newly released court filing from Parler’s legal team reads.

The article goes on to state the following:

The filing comes after Parler, a social media app popular with conservatives, filed an antitrust lawsuit against Amazon once the tech giant barred it from its platform in the wake of last week’s Capitol Hill riot.

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  1. We elected some sorry Republicans and sadly they realize they are safe because they joined the Dems.
    The few real GOP are few, the fake GOP stopped funding for the real GOP.
    The judges in this country and many blue have become corrupt, governors became corrupt. FBI, CIA and DOJ corrupt … who in the hell is this man supposed to trust to protect him and his family ????
    Big tech is inciting violence as usual.
    I truly have supported our president and understand why he would walk away, but let me say that I will be truly truly disappointed if he does… he leaves this country and it’s honest people in peril.

    • I think the storm is coming…
      I agree, if he were to walk away, we will be screwed.
      Something tells me he’s not going to do that to us.

      • You are right! It’s not how he rolls. He loves this country and he’s a fighter! It’s not the end of the movie. This coming week will be great. Be ready!

  2. This is not what the US used to be… All of these threats and bullying is accepted as long as it is the left lunatics doing the threats against conservatives… Hey FBI how about going after these a holes with as much fervor and excitement as you are going after the people who were involved with the Capitol building on Jan 6th???

  3. This is so very wrong and very scary, and I totally agree with Lorid, Trump should not walk away from what is happening to these people and the country.
    We are being threatened and people have to hide their families, what has this country become?
    The system is very corrupt and as a country we can’t function with the Corrupt Party of Democrats that have turned on the citizens that do not follow their hatred and communism plans.

  4. You need to change your voting from republicans to independent this will stop money going to the Republicans the very ones who turned away from Trump. This will help the republicans get the message we no longer support their BS Nd it’s not acceptable.

    • Carol. People already have I get multiple text daily begging for money but I’ve told them I will no longer support them. Rep bought it on their self’s. Parler is being turned on by big tech supporting democrats. Parler will be back. I just hate what the owners including Dan Bongino are going through this. If you can’t call what’s happening with censorship communism I don’t know what will wake Americans up & I hate to call them Americans because they want the destruction of our free country. God Bless Maetz. & Bongino for speaking the the truth. THE LEFT is going after anyone who speaks out over their hate for one man

  5. Yes, the Republicans are asking me too for donations. I know there is still a few who have courage and did not cave in to the leftist. The rest are traitors and cowards. It’s time for a new party.

  6. Totally unacceptable. This man is guilty of free enterprise just like Amazon, Fb, Twitter. He simply has ethics whereas the others do not.

  7. My question is, just what is the President suppose to do??? His times is up in a couple of days. If he didn’t have the power while in office then how is he suppose to have power out of the office. Put the blame where it belongs, on the congress and the deep state. We are also to share in the blame. We all sat back while the evil democrats took over. We have abandoned our God!! We are not to put our faith in things of this world. Now we pay for our sins and wait to be judged. It’s coming!

    Have we become the Communist Soviet Union or Communist China???
    This is completely out of hand and these people behind these attacks on U.S. Citizens in their own country is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!
    This is what we have to look forward under this entirely ILLEGAL OCCUPATION BY OUR GOVERNMENT of the Congress and soon the White House. Sickening what these criminals will do to hide their criminality and and hide just how vile they really are. This is no longer the United States. We will soon be called the Union of Communist States of America. Is this who and what we will now be.

  9. Damn Shame….We Conservatives should help protect this man and his family…What Country are We living in?? Disgust me how far people will go….Stay Safe Mr. Matze..

  10. This is communist behavior. Our freedom of speech is being taken away little by little. Our President Trump is not done yet! It’s not over…


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