Pastor Advocates Killing Gays, Then Introduces Ted Cruz At Event

Ted Cruz_Kevin Swanson 3

Has Ted Cruz disavowed this man’s violent speech?

After the violent protest and rioting at a Trump event in Chicago last Friday, other candidates wasted no time pointing fingers at Donald Trump, accusing him of “inciting” people to protest.   

Texas senator Ted Cruz said, “A campaign bears responsibility for creating an environment…. political discord should occur without a threat of violence.”

Take a look at an interesting video that has come forward, where Pastor Kevin Swanson called for the murder of homosexuals at a National Religious Liberties Conference in November…then he personally introduced Ted Cruz from the same stage.   


Ted Cruz was warned in advance of Kevin Swanson’s calls to violence, yet says he doesn’t know what Kevin Swanson said, and he went to the event anyway!

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