Patriots Exercise Second Amendment Right on the 4th of July

open carry march

Today in Florida, gun owners and Second Amendment supporters are standing up for our constitutional right to bear arms by participating in a “5 Mile Open Carry March For Freedom.”

Florida law allows residents (and non-residents) to open carry while hunting, fishing, camping, or traveling to or from – or traveling to or from a shooting range/shooting event.

According to Florida Gun Supply the “COME AND TAKE IT MARCH” event has the following primary goals:

  • INSPIRE patriotic Americans to take action NOW to stop further attacks on our 2nd amendment freedoms
  • REMIND the government that the 2nd amendment is power – and that we’ll protect it at all costs
  • INFORM the government and biased media that we will NO LONGER be blamed for criminals and terrorists using guns UNLAWFULLY
  • EXERCISE our 1st amendment rights to assemble (PEACEFULLY)

Once the 5 mile march to the shooting range is complete, there will be a shooting competition for a free gun.

It’s citizens like this that show no matter what gun control laws liberals try to pass, Americans will never give up their firearms and the rights our constitution was set up to protect.


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