Paul Nehlen: “I Will Fight On”

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“We are absolutely going to make sure Paul Ryan is being held accountable to the people,” Paul Nehlen told after his 70-percentage point defeat Tuesday to House Speaker Paul Ryan in the Wisconsin GOP primary. His comments come as reassurance that his work to help America is far from over.  “You’ll be hearing from me shortly.”

Nehlen, a first-timer from a Wisconsin businessman background to a political candidate, said Wednesday that he’s still undecided about whether he’ll run again for office but was concrete about his plans to stop Ryan and what he considers his globalist agenda.

“I took on the leader of the globalist agenda, the leader of the Republican Party, the Koch brothers,” he said. “Are you prepared to carry on with me tomorrow, and next week and two years from now … and to free this country from its failed leaders? Thank you for joining me in this great American journey.”

Nehlen is a strong opponent against Ryan and his favortism for the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), the Obama administration’s international trade deal that will send more and more U.S. manufacturing jobs overseas.


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