Paul Ryan voices faith in Trump

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In a piece penned for Time’s “100 Most Influential People,” Speaker Paul Ryan praised President Trump, saying he has the “potential to become a truly transformational American figure.”

Acknowledging his own doubts during Trump’s run for the presidency, Ryan wrote, “When so many, including me at times, didn’t see how he could pull it off, Donald Trump won a historic victory.”

“And in becoming the 45th President of the United States, he completely rewrote the rules of politics and reset the course of this country.”

Ryan noted that the president is “always willing to challenge convention,” and because he “is never afraid of a battle, he has made it his mission to fight for those who feel forgotten.

“Where others would pivot, he stays true to who he is. Where others would turn back, he forges ahead,” added Ryan.

The speaker said Trump has “shaken up Washington and laid out an agenda of generational proportions.”

As the president approaches his first 100 days in office, Ryan says Trump is a “driven, hands-on leader” and that he has “little doubt that he will, once again, find a way to defy the odds and get it done.”


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