Pennsylvania Voter Recount: Harder than You Think

Jill Stein may be in for an uphill battle when it comes to navigating the extremely complicated recount process of the state of Pennsylvania.

According to, Jill Stein is preparing to initiate a recount in Pennsylvania after raising $ 6.2 million dollars to cover the costs of the process. She also plans on a recount in the state of Wisconsin and is closing on her monetary goal for a Michigan recount.

Unlike the other two states, Pennsylvania’s statewide recount is a very complicated process involving three voters in every precinct or election district in Pennsylvania submitting a notarized affidavit to the clerk in their individual election districts.

There are 9,163 voting precincts in Pennsylvania during the 2016 election. So Stein would need over 27,000 voters to file notarized affidavits.  As Stein admitted in a video posted on Sunday, initiating a statewide recount of Pennsylvania’s vote is “especially complicated,” and doesn’t allow a simple filing for a recount like Wisconsin. also reports that, “Complicating any recount effort is the fact that Pennsylvania is one of 15 states that use electronic voting machines that don’t have a paper-backed audit.” reports that “President-elect Donald Trump continued to slam the recount effort over the weekend, calling it a “scam” and declaring “nothing will change.”
Stein has started making pleas on Twitter for more people to step up from the grassroots level and help her out.

Even if Stein were able to overcome the odds and initiate a statewide recount, it’s still doubtful Clinton would be able to overcome Trump’s 70,638 lead in Pennsylvania. 


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