Pennsylvania Voting Machines Malfunction in Democrats’ Favor

Earlier today on Election Day, voting machines in Pennsylvania began to malfunction as it started registering Republican votes as Democratic votes. According to Penn Live, the calibration error occurred in five machines out of the 270 machines in Lebanon County.

Thankfully, many voters identified the error on their ballots before officially filing them to count. Lebanon County Election Director Michael Anderson was questioned about the issue, though he claims no one reported their votes were incorrectly cast. “The issue was fixed and there was no indication that anyone’s votes were incorrectly registered in the system,” said Anderson.

Multiple states have reported similar problems with their voting machines on Election Day.

Example 1: Utah – Washington Country poll workers resorted to paper ballots after electronic voting machines faced an unprecedented programming problem.

Example 2: Texas – a Houston-area polling station faced malfunctioning computers used by election clerks. As a result, voters were forced to travel to another polling station two miles away.


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