PHILADELPHIA — A wild chase and shootout through the streets of West Philadelphia left two police officers and four civilians wounded and a suspect fatally shot.

A gunman ambushed and shot a Philadelphia police sergeant Friday night, then launched out on a mad rampage that injured four civilians and a Univ. of Pennsylvania police officer before he was killed, according to local news reports.

Authorities have not disclosed the suspect’s motive or identity. However, Fox29 reported that a note written by the male suspect expressed hatred of police officers.

The shooting happened at around 11:20 p.m. in West Philadelphia, a few blocks from the University of Pennsylvania campus. City Police Commissioner, Richard Ross Jr., told reporters that two of the injured civilians were in critical condition, while the law enforcement officials were in stable condition.

Ross said the violence began when the suspect approached Sgt. Sylvia Young, as she sat in her police car and opened fire. The commissioner said that Young was shot up to eight times and some of the shots were deflected by her bulletproof vest.

“It is absolutely amazing that she is here [alive],” Ross said, adding that the suspect did not say anything before he opened fire.

According to Fox News, the suspect fled the scene and then hid at a nearby tavern. Ross said two people were injured there; a bar security guard who was shot in the left leg and a woman who the suspect used as a human shield before shooting her in the leg.

Feeling the police closing in, Ross said the suspect fled again and struck a man and woman in the chest.

At that point, Ross said the suspect was chased into an alley by two police officers and 56-year-old Eddie Miller, a retired cop who is part of the University of Pennsylvania police force. There, the suspect was shot and killed.


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