Photo of Teen Alone At Birthday Party Triggers Card Shower

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A teen with autism is receiving birthday cards from around the world after a photo of her sitting alone at her 18th birthday party went viral.

Hallee Sorenson had sent invitations to friends and classmates for her birthday party.  She was excited to go bowling and have fun with her friends, to celebrate her 18th birthday last year, but not a one showed up.  Her cousin, Rebecca Guildford, of Oxford, Massachusetts, took this photo of Halle sitting alone eating her birthday cake.  “My cousin is a beautiful young woman who will always have the mind of a child,” she wrote. “She was heartbroken and beyond sad. She was hurt.”

This year, for Halle’s 19th birthday on July 2, Guildford wanted to do something special for her cousin, so she posted the photo and asked for people to send her birthday cards, NECN-TV reports.  People from all over the world have responded, including cards from Ireland, France and Italy.   Halle and her mother are overwhelmed and thrilled.   They said many have offered to send gifts or host a birthday party for her, but the family insists that cards are the best gift of all.   The world has showered her with love, and for Halle, no gift is better than that.


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