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Written by DML
Shall we call it Cast-gate?  Or perhaps we should just smile and chalk it up as another Hillary Clinton cover up.

The failed presidential candidate and barely-able-to-walk a straight line Democrat (all pun intended), tried using tailored garments to cover up the cast protecting her broken wrist while touring the country of India.  See photos below.

Hillary Clinton customized her traditional kurta while in Jaipur on Thursday to hide the plaster cast she  received after fracturing her wrist in India.  The loose-fitting top was pulled tight across her torso to create an empire-waist, thus lengthening one of the sleeves which she used to cover her wrist.

Clinton, 71, also used her scarf and shawl to cover up the wrist as she took in the historic monuments with her aid Huma Abedin.

Clinton was treated at a local hospital in Jaipur on Wednesday after falling in her hotel tub just two days after twice stumbling down the steps of a palace.

DML News launched a poll Friday asking readers if Clinton’s nonstop efforts to keep herself in the news is hurting the Democratic Party.  The results will be discussed on Monday when I host THE TRUTH.  See the results and TAKE POLL HERE.


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