Pipe Bomb Attack on Police Car in Maryland

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In an explosion that “rocked the whole neighborhood,” a Thurmont, Maryland police officer’s SUV was severely damaged by a pipe bomb early Wednesday morning outside his home.

According to Thurmont Police Chief Greg Eyler: “One of my officers went to his residence and parked his cruiser on the street as he usually does at about midnight and then around 12:30, one of the neighbors heard a big explosion. … It looked like a metal pipe bomb was detonated on the hood and the windshield of the cruiser.”

CBS News reported that the no one was injured, as the officer had already gone inside his home, but the blast destroyed the front windshield and blew out at least one side window of the car. Shrapnel was also blown into the vehicle.

When the officer and his wife heard the blast, they went outside and found the remains of the pipe bomb beside his vehicle.  The officer was not named, but was described as having retired from the Frederick Police Department, and has been with the Thurmont police department for approximately seven years.

One neighbor reportedly described the explosion as a “gawdawful noise” that shook the whole neighborhood.

The federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives is analyzing the bomb fragments for fingerprints, hoping it will lead them to the suspects.  Police aren’t sure if the officer himself was an actual target, or if someone was just attacking police in general.

Chief Eyler said the bomb was homemade. “It had about maybe an eight-inch cylinder with the two caps on it and the fuse of course,” Eyler described. “You can go to a hardware store and buy it; you get on the internet and make it. It’s as simple as it can be. Unfortunate, but it is simple.”

“Everybody heard the noise, of course, but somebody out there knows what happened and somebody’s talking about it, and that’s what we want to know,” Eyler said.



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