Pit Bull Attacked Family Over Christmas Sweater


A Florida family was mauled by their pit bull when the owner tried to put a Christmas sweater on the dog in their backyard.

three family members, according to a police report on Friday.

The dog began biting Brenda’s arm, when her husband Ismael Guerrero, 46, rushed in to pull the dog away from his wife. He also was attacked by the pit bull. Then, the couple’s son Antoine Harris, 22, stabbed the dog in the neck and head so his family could escape to their home, leaving the dog in the backyard, WTSP reported.

Tampa police and Hillsborough County Animal Control were called to the scene and dog was shot with a tranquilizer gun. The pit bull managed to get back into the home where there were two young children. At that point, officers deployed a bean bag gun and stun gun to subdue the dog.

Eddy Durkin with Tampa Police said, “When they tasered the dog, it was still pulling away and was able to release the prongs from the taser.”

Brenda and Ismael Guerrero were transported to the hospital. The wife sustained serious injuries, though not life threatening.

The pit bull is currently being held at Hillsborough County Animal Control.

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