There are new questions as to why Miami Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez decided to go out on his boat at 3am on Sunday morning.  The major league All-Star died with two friends when his fishing boat crashed into a jetty at a high rate of speed.

Was he intoxicated? Did it have something to do with his pregnant girlfriend, Maria Arias?

Fernandez originally broke off his engagement to former Miami Marlins cheerleader Carla Mendoza in April to be with his “true love” Maria Arias. The two became quickly smitten, and soon Arias was pregnant with his child. Arias, a 24-year-old former college psychology major, is expected to deliver a baby girl in February.

Despite the serene romantics between Arias and Fernandez, it was still surprising to Fernandez’s family and friends regarding his abrupt breakup with longtime girlfriend Carla Mendoza, who gave up her career of cheerleading so that she could be with the baseball player.

“He was fun to be around,” said Carla’s mother, Maria Lourdes Reyes, who also noted the relationship began falling apart when Fernandez wanted to hold off their wedding due to his baseball contract and the fact he still enjoyed spending time with his friends going fishing. The resulting arguments caused the couple to break up.

On the night of Fernandez’s death, he and his two friends has been partying at the Miami River bar.

Will Bernal was friends with the three men. He said he warned Fernandez and the other two companions against the post-midnight trip. Yet Fernandez persisted, and asked the friend to give him a 10am wake up call for his baseball game scheduled at 1:30pm  the next day. Fernandez never answered, leading investigators of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to begin the search of what happened to Fernandez and that boat.  The friend posted the text messages online.  From the last line in the exchange, it appears as if Fernandez was upset about something before leaving for the waters.

The exchange between Bernal and his good friend, Eduardo Rivero, who died on the boat with Jose Fernandez and Emilio Macias:



credit: Jose Fernandez’ instagram




credit: Daily Mail


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