Playboy Model Snapchats Naked Gym Goer in Locker Room, Publicly Shames Her

A playboy model may be facing legal charges after taking a picture of a nude woman in a L.A. Fitness locker room while she was changing. Dani Mathers, the model, used the social media app Snapchat to shame the woman while she was getting undressed in the locker room with the caption: “If I can’t unsee this then you can’t either.”

Mathers, after receiving public criticism for disrespecting the woman’s privacy, issued a half-hearted apology for posting the photo publicly, saying the photo was meant to be sent to a friend. Mathers failed to give an apology for actually taking the picture in the first place.

The woman in the photo has yet to be identified, but if she does come forward Mathers could be charged with misdemeanor. Since the incident unfolded, Mathers has been banned from L.A. Fitness institutions and has been suspended from her talk radio show.


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