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On Tuesday, August 4, during his podcast on, Dennis Michael Lynch interviewed registered nurse Erin Marie Olszewski.  She is also a former US Army soldier who served in Iraq. She has written a book about what she witnessed in a New York City hospital during the height of COVID-19 in 2020.

DML uses his straight shooter style of interview skills to get the most from Erin’s experience serving patients with COVID in New York. During the interview she exposes how patients were wrongly placed on ventilators, which ultimately led to death.

She had been censored by the left, and yet all she wants to do is save lives. The interview lasts about 45-minutes and is a must listen. The book is called: 

Undercover Epicenter Nurse: How Fraud, Negligence, and Greed Led to Unnecessary Deaths at Elmhurst Hospital

Click here to preorder.

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  1. I saw her video and she posted it on Facebook Do use that roll down her face and how she said they were murdering the patients then and how she wanted to protect the one last patient she had before they kicked her out of the hospital I just wish I could find the post on my Facebook page because I posted that video several times

    • I believe she said at the beginning that in Florida they were treating patients with hydroxy and getting 100% success, but the doctors in New York wanted to hear nothing of it.

  2. from one nurse to another … thank you for the podcast and your honesty to the nursing profession ! you are a true advocate for our patients ! Sock it to them !!!

  3. If this is true why isn’t the federal government going after them……oh wait almost forgot the state and the major cities are run by demorats and everyone knows they can do NO wrong g

  4. I don’t trust “whistle blowers”! I’m not quite convinced what she says is “true.” Just Because she says it on a podcast, then, tells everyone that you have to buy the book to hear the doctors words and see the videos she took? If she really wanted to help people hear the truth, she would get other nurses together who felt the same to collaborate her story with the facts and present her findings free of charge to the American people. It’s all about selling a book and making money which is obvious. I’m not buying her book. People should be smarter…What I see is BS

    • Excellent point VLM I am a nurse of thirty years and nurses with moral clarity do go up the chain of command unless of course it’s a critical acute dangerous situation and that requires immediate action Violating HIPAA,filming patients and having private documents on her phone is not only unprofessional but illegal. I doubt that Erin’s “beloved” patients will receive any proceeds from her book Erin only seems to care about Erin


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