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As the most reliable and balanced news aggregation service on the internet, DML News App offers the following information published by WASHINGTONTIMES.COM:

BELLEVUE, Neb. (AP) – Two people died and two others were wounded in a shooting at a fast-food restaurant in Nebraska where police had been called to investigate a “possible bomb” inside a moving truck in the parking lot.

A suspect was taken into custody shortly after officers arrived at the Sonic Drive-In restaurant in Bellevue late Saturday night, Lt. Andy Jashinske said in a news release. Police did not identify the suspect.

The article goes on to state the following:

Officers found four people with gunshot wounds after arriving at the restaurant, Jashinske said. Two were pronounced dead at the scene, and two others were taken to hospitals for treatment. None of the four were immediately identified.

To get more information about this article, please visit WASHINGTONTIMES.COM.

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  1. Expect more shootings, more robberies, more riots, more deaths by drugs all after the demorats take control of things…..and you won’t be able to protect yourself because they plan on taking your guns.

  2. Love your stuff,don’t give up, we need your honest talk, I just can’t figure out how so many have there a*** and heads are buried in cnn, msnbc Etc. I have been and c.s. most of my life,I am a proud Senior 73. F. please keep up what you are doing i have learned a lot from you.i wish i could get some of your products. i am fearful about s.s. that’s my only income of what these wacco’s are going to do if this simpleton is sworn in. i tried talking to a young guy gay who was cutting my hair i stopped, as i asked why he voted for the simpleton. he had the scissors and kept cutting & cutting that why i shut up. his claim was Trump lies, ha and he had no other reason for this idiot,to be pres. he also thought our country is divided, so this media has done a great job, i live in fl and there is so much const,new bus,wawa, 3 burg k, signs to hiring,roads bridges, its so great but this a.h. didn’t get it. what is our future gonna be like? this gen is so stupid. he was not interested on any point of view. this is a mess for our country and most of all FREEDOM and he just didn’t get it! Thanks man your great and doing all of us deplorables proud!

  3. Yes it is!! But we can only keep on moving forward Life is stranger than it ever has been but we have to keep our heads screwed on straight or we will be like the crazies. Hang in there have hope in Jesus Christ our only way and hope.


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