A missing Fort Collins woman has been found dead at Lory State Park in Larimer County this week, according to an announcement from the Fort Collins Police Department on Thursday.

The body of 41-year-old Kimberlee Graves was found by a park ranger on Tuesday, police said, after having been missing for more than a month.

According to local KDVR, Graves was last seen at her home on Dec. 4. When friends had not heard from her, they requested a welfare check on Dec. 8. Police discovered that no one was home, and Graves’ car was missing.

On Dec. 10, a friend went to Graves’ home and found it ransacked. Three days later, police found her missing vehicle in a parking garage.

Police found no evidence of injury, but said the circumstances appeared to be suspicious.

Daniel Cordova, Graves’ neighbor, said she was perhaps too nice and too trusting, which he said might have gotten her into trouble.

“Too friendly. People in her house all the time. She had a nice 2015 RAV4 and she would just let people drive it,” he said.

“Next thing I know it was side swiped, the window was broken out. I see someone keyed bad words into her door. I kind of got onto her about trusting people.

According to news reports, police say that her death has been deemed a homicide. Although they gave no additional details regarding the circumstances around Graves’ death, police have said that they do not believe there is any threat to public safety.

According to local reports, Graves’ family has been notified of her passing.

The police are asking for help in discovering the circumstances behind her disappearance and death.