Police Body Cam Footage Gives New Revelations

On April 28, 2016, three police officers responded to a situation about a suicidal man on the 100 block of State Street near the House of Charity in Spokane, Washington. The man, identified as Michael Kurtz, turned toward police, striding a knife to his own chest. The officers attempted to reason and soothe Kurtz. Instead of putting down the knife though, Kurtz began an approach toward the officers. The officers attempted to taser him, but to no avail. As Kurtz stalked closer with the knife, the police were forced to shoot him.

Kurtz died at the scene, and anarchy broke out. A few eyewitnesses charged at the police. After one aggressor struck a police officer, two of the bystanders causing a ruckus were arrested. Thankfully for the officers now though, body cam footage caught all the events on film. This past Tuesday the footage was released to the public at a press conference.

The footage shows the officers attempted to give medical aide to Kurtz. Despite the shooting being justified earlier this summer, much deliberation came about if the officer shooting was justified. However, the video also shows that Kurtz was begging the police officers to kill him.

As of now, no other charges have been brought against the cops. Footage of the incident can be seen for your own judgement below:


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