Police Car Torched In Florida, Chilling BLM Note Left

Attacks on Police Orlando

A police car was set on fire in Daytona Beach during the middle of the night and a note was left nearby that said, “Black Lives Matter, A. Sterling, P. Castile, F*** the police.”

But the police chief is still not certain if the firebombing is the “actual work of anti-police protesters.”

The mosque in Daytona Beach where Omar Mateen attended is still being somewhat protected by police.   An unoccupied police car has been left parked at the mosque since the Orlando terror attack, a nearby resident said.  The car is moved occasionally, but always on the property.

Sunday morning about 2 a.m., someone set it on fire.  By the time firefighters finally arrived, it was engulfed in flames, a $20,000 loss. Found nearby was the menacing note.

Police are reviewing surveillance video of the area, hoping to find who did it. Police Chief Mike Chitwood is assuming a Molotov cocktail was used to start the fire.

“I really do believe in my heart of hearts that we have a really great rapport with our community overall. They know that if there’s a problem, they can come and talk to us,” Chitwood said. “But there is a radical, small percentage that I think is trying to drive a wedge between all of us.

“If you notice what’s going on in America today, it’s like they’re taking a page out of ISIS. Find the disenfranchised folks that don’t want to fix things the right way, and have them be fanatical in their attacks. And it’s sad. Certainly not the world I want my grandkids to grow up in.”


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