Illegal alien Victor Castro has been on the run since 2011, when he was arrested in Metro Detroit after sexually assaulting two young girls. Unfortunately, police let him go before obtaining conclusive DNA evidence showing that  he was guilty.

“Somebody’s obviously looking out for this Victor Castro who’s here illegally in the first place, should have never been here,” Deputy Aaron Garcia Supervisor of the U.S. Marshals DFAT told reporters.

According to Garcia, Castro sexually assaulted two girls, aged nine and 14. They were reportedly the daughters of a woman he was seeing.

Castro, 48, fled the moment he was released by police, who now fear that he could be molesting other children.

The wanted pedophile, a Honduras national, is described as 5’7” tall and weighing 200 pounds. Because he’s undocumented, it’s been difficult to locate the man.

Call the U.S. Marshal with any information at (313) 234-5656. There is a cash reward for tips that lead to the arrest of Victor Castro.