Police Horse Injured At Trump Rally

Trump Protest NM 11a horse

Violent protesters at Donald Trump’s campaign rally in New Mexico Tuesday evening threw large rocks at police officers and their horses. 

Below is a report on the injured horse.   Reportedly, four people have been arrested so far, with more to come.

Officials are asking for anyone with information or video of people throwing rocks at officers or their horses to please contact the Albuquerque police.

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico- Albuquerque police say all seven of the APD horses involved in crowd control during the Donald Trump rally were checked on scene by a veterinarian last night and again this morning.

Handlers say they will back in service tonight for the Regional Law Enforcement Officer Memorial Dedication in Rio Rancho.

The nine riders who were on the horses last night suffered minor injuries (bumps/bruises) but are all expected to be okay.

Striker, the horse that fell earlier in the evening during the initial rush, sustained some abrasions to his legs, but was able to continue his service for the rest of the evening with his unit, they said.

Trump Protest NM 10 horse


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