Police looking for mother who abandoned child at store

Riverside Mother

RIVERSIDE, Calif.—As of Monday, Riverside police are searching for a woman who, according to surveillance footage, purposely left her child behind at a grocery store.

While shopping at a Food 4 Less, the woman is seen entering the store while her two-year-old daughter lags behind. At 5:55 p.m. on Monday, police arrived at the store following reports that the child was unaccompanied and unaccounted.

According to police, a Good Samaritan approached the mother while she walked through the aisles of the grocery store. Knowing the two-year-old belonged to the woman, the Good Samaritan attempted to reunite the daughter with her mother, but the woman simply responded by saying, “Just leave her.” After paying for her groceries, the mother in question then left the store without her daughter.

Police were able to confirm the identity of the little girl’s mother after the child saw her mother on the surveillance footage. A missing child report hadn’t been filed as of Monday night, but the young girl has been placed into the custody of Child Protective Services.

Sought by Riverside police, the mother is likely aged between 20 and 30 years old with dark hair and tattoos on her right arm. She was last seen wearing a dark tank top with denim shorts.

Video footage of the woman and her daughter at the Food 4 Less location can be seen below:

H/T: ABC 7

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