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The Swedish police have been under siege for the past few years as the country’s migrants continue to rage against such symbols of the Swedish state. The latest attack took place on Wednesday evening, when a police station was bombed in the migrant ghetto neighborhood of Rosengård, which is located in the once-lovely city of Malmö; now on the frontier of the country’s self-imposed migrant crisis.

There were no injuries, but several cars belonging to police officers and the facade of the recently built police station were damaged, according to a report in Breitbart London. Two police cars were completely destroyed, and the explosion was said to be so loud it was heard several neighborhoods over.

Officers have since made two arrests and are asking for anyone with more information to come forward, reports Aftonbladet. But the country’s officials continue to deny that migrants are the source of the trouble.

Breitbart London recalled how its reporters visited that exact police station shortly after it was opened in 2015, during the height of the migrant crisis. They were working on a story about the city of Malmö, which borders Denmark, and became the new home of hundreds of thousands of “refugees” who traveled through Germany, Austria, Hungary, and the Balkans corridor just to get there.

Sweden’s major cities have since been taken over by the migrants, who have been welcomed by the country’s officials, and created the so-called no-go zone of Rosengård, in Malmö. Now, the neighborhood is slated to get a new attack-proof police station, funded by the European Union, which will sport a security fence and bulletproof exterior.

Without mentioning the link to Sweden’s migrant crisis, several police officials and senior politicians have spoken out after Wednesday’s attack, reports Sweden’s Expressen. They’ve all issued strongly-worded condemnations against the perpetrators of “serious crime” and blamed a lack of educational achievement for the attack.

Breitbart London reported in November on the bombing of another Swedish police station, this time in Helsingborg where approximately one kilogram of explosives took out the front facade of the building. A police spokesman at the time said of the blast observed, “it may be a terrorist attack, it is a question of interpretation.”

Just weeks later, a man was arrested in Upsalla, Sweden, after throwing a grenade at a pair of police cars. Several cars were damaged, but there were no injuries.

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