Political analyst loses it over Congress taking two-week vacation

Political analyst Harlan Hill “blew a gasket” on Thursday’s episode of “The Truth with Dennis Michael Lynch.”

Hill didn’t hold back in voicing his disgust that Congress members would only be working 8 days during the month of April.

“Tomorrow they’re going on a recess for over two weeks.  That’s despite the fact that they’ve gotten nothing done,” Hill said.

“They haven’t gotten healthcare done! They haven’t gotten tax reform done! We don’t even have a solution for the wall! We elected these guys to go to Congress and get something done! To get something done! They’ve been there for over 100 days as part of this Congress, and they’ve gotten nothing done!  We’re tired of the inaction, we’re tired of the excuses! Enough is enough!” he yelled.

He wasn’t done yet… watch the video to see the whole rant.

Hill added that Congress only worked 131 days last year.  DML jumped into the fray, noting that members of Congress earn $174,000 annually. Hill corrected him, saying House Speaker Paul Ryan makes even more than that.

DML noted they also get the best healthcare insurance, and Hill added, “and pension for life.”


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