Politicians Get Into Heated Brawl During Live TV Debate (Video)


If we think our politicians get into some heated debates and arguments, those running for office in our country look civil in comparison to these two candidates.

During a live TV debate in Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, two politicians took their disagreements past a simple discussion.
Zaza Agladze, a member of the country’s Industrialist party, threw a glass of water over his opponent Irakli Glonti, from the State For The People Party.

Agladze got up and tried to punch Glonti, who reciprocates and throws a glass of water right back at him. The two then go out of frame of the video, but the scuffle can partially be seen going on as others make an attempt to break the two up.

The debate comes ahead of the country’s parliamentary elections.

The altercation between the two can be seen below:


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