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Written by DML
‘Trump Didn’t Collude With Russia. So Why Does He Love Putin So Much?’ That’s the headline Politico posted on Sunday night to Twitter.

Along with the tweet is a link to a story on the Politico website.  I couldn’t help myself, I had to click.

I wish I could get back the 5-minutes it took me to read one of the most liberal responses I have found this weekend to the Mueller report concluding that Trump did not collude with the Russians.

But considering I can’t get back the time, I thought I might as well tweet a response (see below).  Truth is I cannot ignore the pathetic liberal response to this entire “witch hunt,” as Trump rightfully calls it.

The Politico article questions everything about the Mueller report findings as it struggles to accept the reality of Trump’s innocence.   The most liberal part of the article comes towards the end, when writer Blake Hounshell publishes the following brain fart: “But there are also many aspects of Trump’s behavior toward Russia, both as a candidate and as president, that remain baffling. His obsession with that Kremlin bogeyman, NATO. His failure to disclose his pursuit of a hotel project in Moscow even as he ran for the White House, and his subsequent lying about it. His real estate business’ many years of heavy reliance on Russian money….Strangest of all is Trump’s relationship with Putin, whom he never criticizes directly.”

Blake can write all the essays he wants, but in the end the scoreboard reads Trump 2, Mainstream Media 0.  Trump won the election, and now Trump prevailed the witch hunt.  The question becomes, “When will the game end?”

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