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I am back in New York after 3-weeks of travel.  My journey started with a week in DC, and then ended in Florida for two weeks.

Along the way I met with members of Trump’s cabinet, stopped off for a meeting at the White House, filmed for our school safety documentary while in Parkland, Florida, filmed for They Come to America 4 in Sarasota, Florida, and spent one morning looking at homes in the sunshine state because I desperately need to get my family out of NY.

It was a packed trip filled with a lot of emotions.  I met so many people, most of them strangers. Inevitably, most of the conversations turned to “kids” and how different the world has become for them when compared to “when we were kids.”  The conversations typically ended with a question that asked whether kids today are maturing at a much slower rate.

I don’t want to reveal in this post what most people had to say because I do not want to influence the poll.  However, I will discuss this tomorrow when I return at 11am to The Truth.  I will share my thoughts and conversations, and I will read the results of the poll.  I ask you to take the poll and share it on your social media pages.

Are kids maturing at a slower rate today?

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