Written by DML
Yesterday, I was editing some video taken during our America the Beautiful tour in May 2018.  I was editing my interview of a Jewish, 90-year-old woman in Indiana who at 10-years-old escaped Hitler’s gas chambers.

Ruth, who died two-weeks after our interview, appears in my upcoming film: They Come to America 4: The Cost of Politics.  The film is the 4th in a series of films I’ve made on immigration.  It will be released on DVD and pay-per-view online following Labor Day weekend.

During the interview, I asked Ruth what had changed most in America during her 80-years in the country.

Without hesitation, Ruth said “the kids.”

She claims that over the decades there has been an attitude change in American youngsters.  “When I was young, if an adult told me to jump off a bridge I would jump.  You didn’t question your parents, grandparents, teachers, police, aunts or uncles when I was a child.  Today, if kids don’t like what an adult says, they either yell back, pout, protest or run away,” explained Ruth.

When I asked her who is to blame, she said the parents themselves.  I added, “I think the media has something to do with it as well.”  She agreed to a degree, but she was steady with her feelings about the kids today not being “respectful of their elders” and that parents need to right the ship.

Do you agree with Ruth?  Are kids more disrespectful today?