POLL: Do you believe the Clintons had some kind of connection to the murder of Seth Rich?

DNC staffer Seth Rich was murdered on a summer night in 2016.  The murder remains unsolved.  What we do know is Rich was shot in the back, and none of his belongings were stolen.  Despite police reports which claim the murder was a mugging gone bad, many people believe the murder connects to emails stolen from the DNC.

An investigator hired by the Rich family told Sean Hannity on Tuesday that he spoke to a federal investigator who said there is evidence showing Rich was in communication with WikiLeaks at the time of his death, and that thousands of emails from the DNC were handed over by Rich.  Less than two weeks after he was killed, WikiLeaks began releasing the emails.

If Rich was murdered because of his connection to WikiLeaks, do you believe Hillary and or Bill Clinton were in the know, or at least involved in some way?


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