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The Brett Kavanaugh hearings concluded last week with the US Senate issuing a one-week delay on the possible appointment of the judge to the Supreme Court.

The delay was sparked by Senator Jeff Flake’s (R-Az) face-to-face confrontation with two alleged victims of sexual assault. The two women cornered Flake in an elevator, and then began urging him to take action by demanding his fellow Republicans delay the vote on Kavanaugh’s appointment.

The alleged victims joined Democrats in the call for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh and the sexual assault claims made against him dating back to his high school years.

As the FBI now conducts its one-week investigation into Kavanaugh and the allegations made against him by Dr. Ford, it appears more women from across the country are speaking out about sexual assault.

Over the weekend, the national hotline for victims of sexual assault received a record number of calls.  We ask the DML News readership if they know of anyone who has been sexually assaulted?

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