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Democrats are on a mission to push Joe Biden’s immigration bill, “The U.S. Citizenship Act,” through Congress to fulfill Biden’s campaign promise to provide a pathway to citizenship to the millions of illegal aliens living in the United States.

The Hill published a report on Wednesday, titled, “60 percent of Americans support eight-year path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.”

But in the report, the “60 percent” was then clarified as follows:

According to the Politico/Morning Consult survey released Wednesday, 32 percent of registered voters “strongly support” an eight-year path to citizenship, while another 28 percent “somewhat support” one. Twenty-four percent oppose such a pathway, of which 14 percent oppose one “strongly.” Sixteen percent had no opinion.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi touted Biden’s immigration bill last week, declaring, “Today, Congressional Dems are making good on @POTUS Day One promise with the U.S. Citizenship Act: to transform our immigration system and make our nation safer, stronger & more prosperous.”

PLEASE TAKE OUR POLL BELOW – WE WANT YOUR OPINION.  Do you support an 8-year pathway to citizenship for the millions of illegal aliens living in the U.S.?

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  1. We already have a pathway to citizenship it’s called citizenship it’s a law follow it if you want to be a legal United States citizen do it legally no reason to change anything if already there for them to follow

  2. NO. Why should people who knowingly broke the law be rewarded? There are way more here illegally than just the little children brought by their parents. So few of them can be held blameless.

  3. Not if the American citizens have to support them for the 8 years they are here . . If the want to be a citizen then they need to pay their own way to

  4. I think we should only accept the people who apply and get accepted since a lot do every year. They need to come in lawfully or not at all, other wise they should be turned away at the border or loaded into a cargo transport plane and flown to the closest point and all let out so they can go back home. With Covid now, no way should be letting anyone into the USA illegally.

  5. This will create a mess for Citizenship within 8 years. More will come if they know they can get Citizenship while they live in the Country. Our schools will be over crowded, more homeless problems, and Democrats will make sure we pay their way with healthcare.

  6. By breaking our laws coming here, they forfeit the right to citizenship.
    I think they should pay a huge price for coming illegally.

  7. Where is this 60% at?? There is already a process in Place and it does not Need A Change, follow the steps and guidelines to come to our Country!! No body asked me because I would have said NO NO!! Other Countries have a Processes in Place and would not allow us in. The answer is NO NO!! We have our own Problems and Do not need to Add anymore!!

  8. Any time a democrat sits in the White House they have open doors It’s the Americans who are run over by these jerks.
    I am for deporting every single illegals in America Amd let’s star wit Kamala Harris

  9. My friend had family that came from Europe. They came the correct way. Spoke the language, had jobs and became citizens. It wasn’t cheap, but they did it. It took quite awhile. Longer than eight years. Why should anyone who came here illegally get a pass? What does that teach other people about doing things the right way? I want people to be rewarded for doing immigration the correct way. Cheating the system isn’t fair to those who did it the right way. It’s a slap in the face. Protecting our borders is important. Do you think Canada would want open borders with this country? Free flow into their country? I doubt it. Oh and my friends family didn’t ask or demand anything be changed to be like the country they left! They kept their traditions but also accepted the customs of this country, with no complaints. They are now proud American citizens. It can be done.

  10. Not only unfair to legal immigrants but sets a bad precedent as more will come thereby compounding the problem and making a joke of our immigration laws.

  11. No, I don’t support it! They shouldn’t be rewarded with citizenship for breaking into OUR Country!! Sorry, but they’re criminals! But, then I don’t believe children born in the United States to ILLEGALS should be American Citizens either!

  12. If you come here illegally then you give up your rights to become a citizen, there should not be a reward for breaking the federal law. If you had a child while you are here illegally and the child is under 18 years of age, then you and your child should be removed from the country, but once your child becomes an adult then the would be welcome back because they are a citizen but their parents would be banned from entering the country for life.

  13. ALL current and future immigration should stop unless and until current illegal aliens are removed from the country and the current number waiting have seen the process through.

  14. Some have been here for 20-30 years and have no effort to become a citizen the right way. Still don’t speak English and wave “their” country’s flag! Send them home!!

  15. Dreamers with a clean record are one thing.
    Illegals are entirely a separate issue.No pathway to citizenship for those who broke the law.

  16. No. It is a slap in the face to all those who have come here legally and have worked hard to gain citizenship or who are currently working hard to become citizens. It has taken most of them up to 10 years or longer to achieve their goal.

  17. If they are here legally, as in they already started the paperwork, then yes. If they are here illegally and are obtained by ICE, they should be fingerprinted and deported. Now they must wait 5 years before starting the legal 10 year process. This time frame would be contingent that they were obtained by ICE for petty crime.

  18. If they come legally then they have the right to work towards citizenship. Plus, if they come legally they need to prove they have a job before coming and have a way to support themselves without tax payers money. Plus, they need to verify they are vaccinated

  19. Way to water down the negative response. This is a yes or no question. Well, a yes, no or HELL NO question. Give the left an inch and there will be no border, period.

  20. No discussion of amnesty—not one word—until our immigration system is reformed, our laws enforced, and our southern border secure!


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