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The Media Research Center claims the media missed over the violent comments from former Attorney General Eric Holder this week when he suggested kicking the people who make up the GOP.

Dennis Michael Lynch said on Wednesday that the media missed over the violent videos out of Portland, Oregon earlier this week showing Antifa beating on people as they drove past in cars.

“The media often misses over all the violence of the Left unless it includes the Right engaging in physical violence, then they point the cameras at the one person holding the Confederate Flag,” says Dennis Michael Lynch. “Sure, there are bad people on the Right, but they are always the person in the media’s spotlight. The mob rule mentality fueling the Left never makes it to the media’s highlight reel.”

We ask DML New readers, do you agree with DML and MRC? Does the mainstream media ignore the violence spewed by the Left?

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  1. Not only do they ignor it they condone it. I have seen where the media has even taken the side of the violent protesters and made excuses for them making them out to be the ones that were attacked first.

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