Written by DML
I finally made it down to Florida on Thursday after hours of delays on Amtrak.

My car is fully packed with camera equipment, computers and devises used to make documentary films.

My tour across America, which officially launches Monday from Orlando, makes a first stop in Georgia and then moves through an array of states as my team highlights the greatness of America.

But I will also be capturing a few scenes and segments for the 4th installment of the THEY COME TO AMERICA series of films that stem back to 2010.

Although President Trump is doing a good job overall, and I really think he’s starting to find his political groove in many areas, healthcare and immigration are two areas in which I do not see any improvement in my life.

Understanding this could be different in your area of the country, I am asking you to take this poll as I launch out to make my films.

Has the illegal immigration issue in your town gotten better or worse since Trump took office, or has it stayed the same?

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