The Border Patrol told President Trump in a meeting held in February that the amount of migrants crossing the border hit all-time lows during the first few months of his presidency.  They said the huge dip was due to Trump’s tough talk on immigration during the campaign.

But they also explained that the numbers skyrocketed by late September 2017, which just so happens to be around the same time Trump told reporters he “loves Dreamers, and wanted to work a deal for them to stay in the US.”  Thus, breaking his promise to voters.

Since that time, the surge at the border has been non-stop, and now there are thousands of migrants on their way to the border making demands to be granted entry into the US.

Since August, Trump has published countless tweets and given tons of interviews that convey his desire to work a deal for the Dreamers that includes a pathway to citizenship.  History shows that when presidents speak about amnesty, the numbers at the border go up.

How much of the current surge do you blame on Trump for talking soft about DACA?  DML News will send the results to one of DML’s contacts at the White House.